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Seasonal Cleanse - Prepare Yourself For the Changes - It's Time For a Detox!

As the weather changes so does your body! Your immune system needs some boosting! This is an essential time for a Seasonal Cleanse & Detox. Whether it is before, during or after the seasonal change....let's discuss the importance of a Cleanse.
Most Cleansing experts and advocates think that people should cleanse every season...4 times per year. At the very least 2 times a year - Spring and Fall - is highly recommended. Why is this?
Our Bodies Change with the Weather!
As the weather changes, so do we. Our immune systems take on different stresses.
In the Fall - leaves are falling, the harvest is almost over...nature prepares for sleep...cold/wet weather begins This is a time that our bodies immune system is starting to amp up for the Winter season. We need to rid ourselves of leftover toxins...
- In the Winter - Cold or wet weather is common...We defend ourselves against colds and illness...the days are short, not much sun...immune system needs to be functioning at full speed.
- In the Spring - The blossoms return as does the grass and pollen. We prepare ourselves for Allergies and the change.
- In the Summer - Dry weather, full sun, dust and more air pollution. Our bodies need to be prepared for this.
All of these changes require your immune system to focus on different areas. And each season also bring upon it a special set of toxins and pollutants. This is why it is most important time to boost your immune system! And a great way to do this is to first get rid of the toxins in your body with a Cleanse!
A Body Cleanse and Detox will help you prepare for these transitions. It will give you that extra energy to deal with seasonal illness, with temperature changes, with cold and wet weather, with dry and hazy weather, and with allergy seasons.
Remember a Cleanse does not have to be difficult nor does it have to be lengthy.
There are many methods that make it fairly simple.
1.There are many Herbal Cleansing kits that can assist you in this process.
2.A simple cleansing food diet can also be a great way to detox your body.

3.There are many fasting techniques to help you cleanse, including the popular Master Cleanse.

Educate yourself...there are many good options. But I highly recommend that you do some type of Cleanse this season!

Article written by Brian Heater source www.transformingourselves.com

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